Our Program

Our Program

At Quest, we do things differently. We offer a single degree.

The Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree gives you the best of both worlds: the broad knowledge and skills that come from a multi-disciplinary education, and a foundation for advanced studies. This degree allows you to pursue graduate education and prepares you for success in the workforce.

Our groundbreaking curriculum allows you to play a central role in designing your education. At Quest, you won’t declare a major. You’ll ask a Question, which will steer your final two years as you create a personalized academic program, with guidance from your faculty mentor.

In your final two years, you will complete a Keystone Project that is focused on answering your Question. This project is comparable to an undergraduate-level thesis.


Does the concept of juggling several different subjects all at once while taking multiple classes everyday sound exhausting? Trust us, it is.

We believe education should look different in today’s rapidly changing world. At Quest, students focus on only one class every three and a half weeks. After that, they get the benefit of a four-day break before they commence with their next class.

This model of learning, known as the Block Plan, allows students to master content and application, diving deep into each subject with a class of no more than 20 students.

We don’t offer fluff classes at Quest.
No, each course was carefully designed to fit with the next, no matter which courses you take or in what order. This ensures you maximize your ability to learn as you build an educational experience as unique as you.

We get it, this is different – but isn’t it time for university education to be a little different?


Take a look at the videos and stories from our students, alumni and parents.

Our Viewbook is full of details.



While most courses are up to you, there are four courses every student must take to graduate.

(Year 1 & 2)

Your first two years consist of 16 courses, a multidisciplinary curriculum spanning liberal arts and sciences tackling themes from the classic to the contemporary. Toward the end of your second year, you will write your personalized Question, developed with faculty guidance in a dedicated course called Question.


  • 3 Core Courses
    • Cornerstone
    • Rhetoric
    • Question
  • 3 Life Sciences Courses
  • 1 Mathematics Course
  • 2 Physical Sciences Courses
  • 3 Social Sciences Courses
  • 3 Arts and Humanities Courses
  • 1 Language Course

At Quest, your courses follow the Block Plan, which allows you to focus on one class at a time. This singular focus encourages flexibility in your schedule so you can pursue a mix of traditional and personalized study, leaving lots of time for outside activities as well.

One block is 18 days long (three-and-a-half weeks) and typically meets for three hours each weekday. One block is equivalent to an entire semester’s worth of material at a traditional university.


Your Question introduces a unique specialization to your education. In our entire history as a university, no two Questions have ever been the same! They can range from narrow to broad and are unique to each student.

(Year 3 & 4)

For your third and fourth years, you’ll design your own academic path while working with a faculty mentor. Inspired by your Question, this is your opportunity to pursue what you’re most passionate about.

You’ll take 16 courses including Electives, Experiential Learning, and Focus courses. You’ll cap your undergraduate education with a Keystone project, which you will present during your Keystone course.

• Minimum 6 Focus Courses
• 1 to 4 Experiential Learning Courses
• 3 to 5 Electives
• Keystone Course

The Block Plan really shines during the Concentration Program. It allows for an immersive experience where you work both independently and collaboratively.

If you’ve attended a traditional education institution, then we’re sure you can imagine how revolutionary studying one subject at a time is. At other universities, you’d be taking four or five courses at once and cramming for exams. But here at Quest, we want you to have the freedom to dive deep into whatever topic you’re studying with freedom to spend time in the field, interact with your tutors, and collaborate with your classmates. This brings in real-world and varied perspectives to further shape your education, and offers opportunities to learn as a class outside of the classroom.


Every Quest student completes a Keystone, which is our version of an undergraduate thesis. This is the culmination of your degree and will reflect your passion, research, skills, knowledge, and experience.

Your Keystone will be unique to you, and can take many forms depending on your academic path such as original research, multimedia projects, creative portfolios, and more. All keystones have a written and a presentation component.


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Quest University Canada is suspending regular academic programming following
completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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