“Even in our first-year students, there’s an academic
courage and willingness to wrestle with content that I haven’t seen elsewhere.” Dr. Mai Yasué (Social Sciences Faculty)


Quest is a leader in redesigning postsecondary education. Our model is built on uniquely student-centred learning and a groundbreaking curriculum.

Here are some of the things that make a Quest education exceptional:

  • The Block Plan, where students are immersed in a single course for 3.5 weeks
  • One degree: the interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts and Sciences
  • A personalized Question rather than conventional majors
  • A Keystone Project that caps each student’s individualized journey
  • Highly interactive classes with no more than 20 students
  • Faculty whose passion lies in teaching

Learn more by browsing through the menu on the left. Academic policies and program details can also be found in the Academic Calendar.


The Artist-in-Residence Program

in partnership with TD Bank Group

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Doug Munroe

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Our 2017 NSSE Results

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Nate McCarthy ‘20

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