“Quest has figured out how to offer an education
that is relevant to the time we live in.” Lars Laichter ‘19


Quest is a leader in redesigning postsecondary education. Our model is built on uniquely student-centred learning and a groundbreaking curriculum.

Here are some of the things that make a Quest education exceptional:

  • The Block Plan, where students are immersed in a single course for 3.5 weeks
  • One degree, the interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts and Sciences
  • A personalized Question instead of conventional majors
  • A Keystone project that caps each student’s individual journey
  • Highly interactive classes with no more than 20 students
  • Faculty whose passion lies in teaching
  • Transferable skills that will help in any endeavour

Academic policies and program details can be found in the Academic Calendar.

If you’re a current student looking for program requirements and course prerequisites,  you can find them here in our list of courses.

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Elite Athlete or Performer?

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Our 2018 NSSE Results

at or near the top in every category


Dr. Mai Yasué

reflects on remote learning

Family Words

Why Quest?

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Quest University Canada is suspending regular academic programming following
completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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