The University’s Vision

In the rapidly changing twenty-first century, Quest University Canada’s aspiration is that our students develop and practice the art of questioning – the multi-faceted investigation of different ways of knowing – to guide their actions in the world.

Acknowledge place as a
foundation of knowledge.

Located within the unceded territory of the Squamish Nation in the dramatic landscape of the Sea-to-Sky region, on the edge of the Pacific rim, and close to the dynamic city of Vancouver, this place shapes who we are and how we learn.

Foster autonomy and creativity.
Inquiry-based education in a personalized, interdisciplinary setting provides exceptional opportunities for those who choose their own path.

Thrive in a uniquely designed learning environment.

Our innovative curriculum, intentionally designed campus, and vital community practices encourage interactions between ideas and between people who love to learn. 

Empower each other to take risks and continually improve.

The ability to experiment and learn from failure in a safe space builds competence and confidence, allowing students to master crucial intellectual skills in pursuit of academic excellence.

Celebrate our interdependent connections across campus and the globe.

Close, collaborative relationships evolve among our diverse learning communities that change how we think, feel, and engage the world together.