Diversity & Equity Statement

Quest University Canada aims to foster an inclusive, accessible, and equitable learning and working environment for all members of our university community that recognizes, respects, and promotes diversity, and encourages intellectually rigorous debate and collaboration among different points of view. Our commitment is motivated by both our social obligations as well as by our deeper desire to build a more equitable society and increase opportunities for all. We recognize that not everyone experiences and understands the world in the same ways; therefore, our vision is to cultivate a climate in which all members are supported and feel welcomed.

Understanding that identities are fluid, socially-constructed, and historically contingent and encourage self-identification and expression, our vision is to equip our community members with the language, perspectives, and resources to critically analyze and take thoughtful action to address internalized, interpersonal, institutional, and systemic forms of oppression and privilege. We strive to inspire the university and larger community to be engaged, committed and conscientious citizens, who, regardless of what they do, champion fairness and equality. 

Diversity at Quest University Canada marries our campus history of promoting social responsibility through academic and extracurricular excellence to try and holistically meet the needs of the diverse members of our community. Therefore, we commit ourselves to reflecting on our actions, and to working on ourselves, our peers, our students, faculty, staff, and all Quest communities to collectively move towards their realization.

In pursuit of this vision, our mission is to:

• Recognize that Quest is on unceded Squamish First Nation territory and that we need to acknowledge our position in an environment in which oppression and denial of rights have been significant features while striving towards our emancipatory potential. We will consult and collaborate with the Squamish First Nation to create and maintain a strong relationship by means of academic and non-academic initiatives both on and off campus.


• Foster an accessible and welcoming campus environment composed of individuals of diverse perspectives, histories, and life goals. Therefore, we commit ourselves to removing barriers and increasingly recruiting and retaining marginalized students, faculty, and staff in our admissions, recruitment, retention efforts, personal and professional development.

• Work to foster a social environment in which people of all backgrounds are able to share their experiences, wisdom, make mistakes and learn from them, support community members as they negotiate on-going inequalities, and gather together to celebrate the rich heterogeneity of humanity.


• Promote the emancipating power of education in the ongoing struggle against systems of violence and inequity in Canadian society and in the world at large. We will build and deliver academic and co-curricular programs that hone critical thinking skills necessary for community members to recognize and combat systemic, institutional, interpersonal barriers to equity.