Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values


Quest University Canada’s mission is to transform how our students think, question, and engage with the world through a revolutionary educational model that sparks personal growth and intellectual development. To fulfill this mission, Quest University Canada seeks to:

  • Inspire curious minds to develop their own questions in response to complex problems and global issues;
  • Encourage independent thinkers to take charge of their education through active, experiential learning and a personalized course of study;
  • Teach intellectually daring students to integrate ideas across disciplines and cultures in an academically rigorous, intensive block system;
  • Foster collaborative communities among a select group of diverse, international individuals, who share a passion for discovery;
  • Equip compassionate graduates to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives, the environment, and society through ethical engagement and the communication of evidence-based knowledge.


Guided by the principles of our founder, Dr. David Strangway, our students, faculty and staff pursue knowledge without boundaries; investigate different cultures and ways of knowing; strive for a more environmentally sustainable and equitable world; practice informed, evidence-based questioning; and embark on a shared quest to exemplify the future of undergraduate learning in Canada.


Exploration without boundaries in a uniquely designed learning environment.

Our revolutionary curriculum, intentionally designed campus, world-class faculty and staff, dynamic student life structures, and diverse social communities encourage interactions between ideas and people who love to learn.

Empowerment of all to take risks and continually learn

The ability to experiment and learn from failure in a safer space builds competence and confidence. Students are challenged to think broadly and consider multiple ways of knowing, as they delve into complex issues through research and present arguments cogently using sophisticated rhetorical means and quantitative reasoning. In addition, the academic and co-curricular programs build the emotional resilience, social skills, and awareness of global and environmental issues necessary for students to pursue productive lives and a sustainable future.

Balance between autonomy and collaboration

Inquiry-based education in a personalized, interdisciplinary setting provides exceptional opportunities for a diversity of creative learners. Collaborative methods, community partnerships, and an inclusive campus culture remind us that education is a shared endeavor.

Understanding place as a touchstone of knowledge

Quest’s location shapes who we are and how we learn—situated in the unceded territory of the Squamish Nation, nurtured by the verdant ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest, enriched by the cultural vibrance of Vancouver and proximity to Asia. Place is instrumental to our production of knowledge.

Celebration of interdependent connections across campus and the globe

Close, collaborative relationships evolve among our diverse learning communities that change how we think, feel, and view the world. The most significant learning, growth, and successes come from testing ideas and solving problems together.

Quest University Canada is suspending regular academic programming following
completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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