Single-Block Visiting Tutors

From time to time, Quest has openings for individuals to teach a block. Those courses can include courses already in our course catalogue (particularly Foundation courses), or perhaps a course that complements our curriculum. Normally, one must have a PhD or similar qualification as an expert in the relevant field, along with teaching experience, to be eligible. If you would like to be considered as a potential visiting tutor at Quest, please send your inquiry to the Chief Academic Officer, including 1) a brief cover letter (mentioning your availability for the academic year, along with which course(s) you would be interested in teaching and how you are qualified to teach them); 2) your CV (including your phone number); and 3) the academic division that most aligns with your area of interest (Life Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, or Social Sciences). Please note, due to the large number of applications we receive you will only be contacted for an interview if there is an opening that fits your qualifications. Thank you for your interest.



Quest is committed to making its unique education accessible to the best-qualified students, regardless of their country of origin.

Life at Quest

Living in a community is an integral part of the Quest experience. As such, students live on campus for all four years of their undergraduate degree.


Consisting of arts, humanities, mathematics, and social, life and natural sciences, the liberal arts and sciences form the basis of a well-rounded education.