Kathryn Neeley

Information Services Librarian

BA, Bishop’s University
MA, Queen’s University
MLIS, McGill University

Kathryn has oriented her career as an academic librarian around improving the library and research experiences of students and faculty across all levels and disciplines. Her work and research focus is Information Literacy Instruction (ILI), with an objective of providing an empathetic and thoughtfully curated experience for users, regardless of background, need, or medium.

Arriving at Quest in 2012, Kathryn had previously worked at Concordia University and Bishop’s University in her native Québec. With a focus on teaching credit-bearing ILI courses at these universities, she became conversant with the learning needs of students across disciplines and how best to meet them where they were on their research journeys. Kathryn’s own research interests focus on the First-Year Experience (FYE) of undergraduate students, as well as critical information literacy and its integration into library instruction and practice.

Kathryn highly values time with her family, the capacity for curiosity, and the proximity of the Squamish outdoors.

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