Feeling the travel bug? At Quest, we encourage you to explore beyond disciplinary boundaries, beyond the walls of the classroom, and beyond the Quest campus. A majority of Quest students spend time travelling either through Study Abroad, by taking a field course, or by gaining work experience in a new country. Not sure where to go? Quest students have reflected on their experiences and shared them on our blog.

Meeting people from other backgrounds, experiencing new places, and broadening your perspective are exciting opportunities, and are great ways to learn outside the classroom. Our student population is also made up of people from over 60 countries, so even if you don’t leave campus during your degree, you’ll still get a chance to make friends from all over the world.

From local to global, you can participate in various events to celebrate global citizenship on campus. Learn a new language at one of our language tables, participate in an International Travelling Dinner, or share your culture at the Anything-but-English open-mic night. Whether you learn about international relations in Bhutan, study French in Quebec, or taste Kosovar cuisine for the first time, you’ll have an international experience as a Quest student.