Visiting Students / Auditors


Are you curious about Quest University Canada and want to try a class or two? Quest welcomes you to join our campus community. Visiting Students are eligible to take courses for credit. If you would like to audit a course, see the information below.

Visiting Students

All of our courses are taught in three and a half week blocks, which means you can join Quest at any point during the year. Since there are a variety of courses to choose from, please review our Course Calendar for course descriptions.

To be eligible to apply as a visiting student, students must:

• Normally have completed at least one year of full-time university studies;
• Be in good academic standing and submit your most current academic transcript;
• Meet the English language requirements if English is not your first language.

To apply as a Visiting Student:



You may also fax the document to +1-604-815-0829 or mail the documents to:

Quest University Canada
3200 University Blvd
Squamish, BC, Canada V8B 0N8


Visiting Course Fees

Each block (course) taken at Quest for credit costs $4250 for the 2017-2018 academic year and $4375 for the 2018-19 academic year. Please note that Visiting Students are not eligible to apply for scholarships or financial aid from Quest.

Visiting students are required to live on campus and pay for a meal plan during the block they are enrolled in, unless they are already living in the local area. Students can view room and board costs on our Cost of Attendance page.


Auditing at Quest

Auditors in Quest classes are expected to be full participants in all in-class activities. To that end, they must commit to doing all the preparatory reading and other activities for class and should expect to participate in discussions, projects, field trips, group work, and other activities during class time. They are not required to hand in papers and other written work and, in general, will not have such work graded. Their participation in small group research projects, team presentations, etc. will be decided on a case-by-case basis (in that, for example, many auditors will not have the extensive out-of-class time to participate fully in such work).



Those interested in auditing a Quest course should:

• Review the Course Catalogue with course outlines and choose the course(s) in which you are interested.
• Acceptance of an auditor in a class is on a space-available basis, and is always at the discretion of the Tutor. It is likely that the tutor may want to discuss the possibility of auditing with the candidate before the start of the block.

Fees and Policies

Each audited block (course) costs $1,000 CDN.

Confirmation of attendance and all payments must be received at least one week prior to the start of the Block.

An auditor may drop the class at any time in the first week of the Block and receive a pro-rated refund. The audit fee is non-refundable after completion of the first week of the Block.

Payment of $1,000 CDN includes access to Quest facilities (library, computer lab, and recreation complex) for the duration of the block.

All audits are not-for-credit; audited blocks do not count toward a Quest degree, nor can credit for them be transferred to another university.

About Quest

Quest’s 60-acre campus is located in the coastal mountain community of Squamish, British Columbia, between Vancouver and Whistler.


Consisting of arts, humanities, mathematics, and social, life and natural sciences, the liberal arts and sciences form the basis of a well-rounded education.

Life at Quest

Living in a community is an integral part of the Quest experience. As such, students live on campus for all four years of their undergraduate degree.

If you have questions about the status of your file, contact Admissions at or 604-898-8000.

Quest University Canada is committed to accessibility and equity. Students with protected characteristics are welcome to request reasonable accommodations for the application process, and should speak with their Admissions Counsellor if they wish to do so. Any inquiries regarding accommodations while attending Quest should be directed to Krista Lambie, Director of Student Success, at