More About Academic Requirements

Quest’s rigorous academic program requires students to be prepared for challenging academic work. While there are no specific high school course requirements or cut-off grade requirements, students must demonstrate that they are taking academically challenging courses and are succeeding in them. Due to the nature of our liberal arts and sciences focus, students are encouraged to have taken humanities, math and sciences courses through to grade 12.

Within their first month at Quest, all students write a Quantitative Skills Diagnostic. This diagnostic covers some basic skills needed for Foundation Program courses (Year 1 and 2). The diagnostic is analysed by looking at a variety of topics, grouped into ‘strands’, covering a working knowledge of some concepts usually met in grade 6-10 mathematics and sciences. When a good understanding of the majority of the topics in a strand is demonstrated, preparation for courses requiring this strand is deemed ‘complete’. Several Foundation level courses require completion of one or more strands as a prerequisite for registration in the course.

There will be review sessions and tutoring available before the diagnostic. There will also be ongoing tutoring, and opportunities to re-write individual strand diagnostics, for those who need longer to review material in some strands. Students who feel well prepared when they first arrive at Quest will have the opportunity to demonstrate this by writing an optional diagnostic during the orientation weekend.

Q Skills review sheets are available to admitted students on the Quest Portal prior to their arrival at Quest.  For more information about the Quantitative Skills Diagnostic contact Chris Stewart, Quantitative Reasoning Coordinator and Co-Director of the Learning Commons at

If you have questions about the status of your file, contact Admissions at or 604-898-8000.

Quest University Canada is committed to accessibility and equity. Students with protected characteristics are welcome to request reasonable accommodations for the application process, and should speak with their Admissions Counsellor if they wish to do so. Any inquiries regarding accommodations while attending Quest should be directed to Krista Lambie, Director of Student Success, at