Sustainability is a way of living based on a simple idea: choosing actions that protect resources so future generations can enjoy a quality of life equal to or greater than our own.

At Quest, we aspire to integrate principles of environmental sustainability into every facet of the University. This requires recognizing the complexity and interdependence of systems and collaborating to generate innovative solutions.

By leveraging the diverse knowledge and skills of our students, faculty and staff, we are able to actively pursue this vision. Our areas of focus include: academics, operations, waste management, and campus life. We recognize our responsibility to support the movement for a sustainable future.

  • we offer a progressive curriculum and foster student autonomy to enhance values, knowledge and skills that contribute to sustainable initiatives
  • we prioritize operational activities that decrease our consumption of natural resources and increase our use of renewable energies
  • we promote behaviours to minimize waste production
  • we encourage social norms that support overall sustainability

Sustainability Committee

Each month, representatives from all divisions of the University come together to discuss and pursue initiatives to foster ethical and environmental responsibility and accountability on campus.

Cameron and the Honey Bees

Ecofriendly Products on Campus

Q&A with Head Custodian Angela Robinson

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The Importance of Waste Diversion

interview with Samantha Leigh '19

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Quest Reuse-it Centre

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Quest University Canada is suspending regular academic programming following
completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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