Living on campus is a central part of the Quest experience.

You’ll take part in activities, enjoy some private time, and get to know your neighbors in a safe and comfortable environment.

Each residence building at Quest has peer-elected student Resident Assistant. They help coordinate activities, provide support and foster an atmosphere of community. Some staff live on campus too, serving as Residence Coordinators, and our Faculty-in-Residence program offers campus housing to select Tutors.

Quest is committed to accessibility and equity. We strive to create an environment that is universally designed. If you require accommodation, please see our Student Accommodation Policy.

Reminder: Over the winter break, the residence buildings are closed. Students may leave their items in residence but must vacate their suites for the designated period of time, usually beginning one day after their last class of the Fall Term.

The Peaks Residences

Most students live in The Peaks: Ossa, Red Tusk. We named them after Tantalus range peaks that rise majestically in the horizon. Students live in single rooms and share a bathroom with a neighbor. The Peaks are designed to balance quiet and private space with community and creative areas. Most students will live in these buildings through their third year.

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