Quest University Canada is committed to accessibility and equity. Foremost, we strive to create an environment that is universally designed, but we also recognize that some aspects of the learning and physical environment may still provide barriers to the success of students experiencing disabilities, mental health concerns, or medical challenges.

Quest University Canada affirms the right of applicants to Quest and students of Quest who are academically qualified and who have a protected characteristic within the meaning of the Human Rights Code, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 210 to be welcomed as equal members of the Quest community; to have full access to services Quest customarily provides to Applicants and Students; and, on matriculating, to participate fully and freely in student life at Quest.



A student who has a protected characteristic and who wishes to request Academic and/or Non-Academic Accommodations must:

1. Register with Student Affairs by making a request in writing for Accommodation(s) to Student Affairs in a timely manner, normally with one block’s notice;

2. Submit appropriate documentation (e.g. an educational psychology assessment) from within the past 2 years;

3. Cooperate with Student Affairs in the process of identifying the measure(s) that will provide a reasonable accommodation of the protected characteristic; and

4. Recognize and understand that a reasonable accommodation of a protected characteristic is not necessarily a perfect accommodation.

For more information, please see our Student Accommodation Policy.


Student Affairs,
Accessibility and Equity

Location: Library Building 109
Phone: 604.898.8057