Welcome to Quest


Dear parents, guardians and family members,

We are all very excited that your student has chosen to join our academic community. Thank you for supporting them in this choice, and working to make it possible for them to attend. Not only will they be forging forward with their university career, but they will be doing so at a university with an amazing and diverse student community, and guided by curious and passionate faculty and staff.

We welcome you, as well, to our community of Quest parents and family members. We look forward to sharing the joy in upcoming milestones with you, including the fall term induction of students into the community, at our Convocation Ceremony during Orientation, at Parent Weekends each fall, and, ultimately, as they present their Keystone projects and graduate in a few years. That may seem distant, but the four years will pass all too quickly!

We have included some key information, below, to assist you in supporting your student in their preparations for university. You may notice that we do NOT have a parent webpage or guidebook that provides all details and logistics of their year. This is intentional, and part of our approach to student development. We treat all of our students as adults, and expect all students to manage the details of their university experience themselves. If you require any information during their years of study here, we encourage you to ask your student for it. All of this information is readily available to them, and our staff and faculty are incredibly accessible and helpful if they have questions. We include a little more about our approach to student development, below.

We look forward to meeting you during orientation!

Student Affairs


Having a student begin their university studies can be a significant transition for parents as well, as the student moves out and begins to live and function independently.  Join us as we share Quest’s model of support for student development, and what you can do now and during the academic year to help your son or daughter develop the skills and attributes that will contribute to their success at Quest and beyond.  We will also share information about our upcoming events for parents during the Orientation period, the fall term Parent Weekend, and other ways to be involved.

How to join the webinar?

An email invitation is sent to all parent email addresses registered by incoming students. If you have not received any webinar invitations, please ask your student to add your email address to the parent contact section of their SelfServe account online.

Full schedule of Summer 2017 Webinars:

Parent/Guardian Orientation

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st – Check-In 9am-3pm in the Atrium of the Library Building
During the day, there will also be opportunities for family members to join campus tours and meet current students, faculty, and staff members. During the evening, there will be an Official Welcome and Parent Meet and Greet.

Family members of incoming students are invited to attend this welcome ceremony, during which students will be greeted by our university faculty and administration, and students will recite the honour pledge. Dress is smart casual.  

FAMILY WEEKEND – November 3-5, 2017
Family Weekend provides you with the chance to see what life at Quest is like for your student. Join us to attend sample classes and get involved in the Quest community.

Privacy Laws and Approach

The University is not able to discuss a student’s academic record, attendance, or experience with a parent, guardian, or family member, without the student’s permission, in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) legislation.

  • For grades and accounts, a student can provide ‘third party permission’ to access their information via the online student portal.
  • Note that even if a student gives us permission, we will generally not discuss a student’s academic or personal matters with a parent or other party unless the student is present in the meeting / conference call.
  • If you have concerns about the health and/or safety of your student, you can always share this information with the Manager of Campus Life, who is Quest’s parent contact.

How to Support your  Student

As educators, we are committed to assisting our students during their development as young adults. We appreciate that you, as their parents/guardians, only want to help your student to be successful in their pursuits. We share this goal. Together we can help each student develop the skills they need to be successful here at Quest and, after graduation, when they begin their lives as independent adults.

A key aspect of assisting young adults in their development toward independence is empowering them to manage their own day-to-day tasks. Learning to manage their budget and academic program, navigate deadlines and roommate conflicts, overcome challenges, and to ask for help, are some of the essential life lessons that our students will learn while at Quest. Becoming self-reliant is critical for their future success and happiness.

Our approach to student development is to coach them to acquire essential knowledge, skills, and abilities for independence, rather than simply solving their problems for them. At times, we will need to step back, and allow them to make their own choices and manage the consequences of those choices, but if failure or  disappointment occur as a result, these will be  an important part of their learning and personal development. Accepting this approach can be a challenge, but know that our work is always done with care and compassion. We appreciate your understanding of our approach, and encourage you to continue supporting and empowering your student in the same way to help them move towards autonomy and independence. This is critical to their success as a Quest student, and beyond.


Students experiencing mental health concerns, learning exceptionalities, medical conditions, or other such protected characteristics may require academic and/or non-academic accommodations. Students may register with Accessibility Services via our online student Portal. Students must submit recently completed (within the last three years) supporting documentation such as a letter from a physician or a psychoeducational assessment.

Students and parents/guardians may wish to attend the Accessibility Services Webinar on May 23rd at 4:15pm.

Students with further questions may contact Quest’s Accessibility Services Manager, Krista Lambie, at  

Reading of Interest for Parents 


Letting Go: A Parents’ Guide to Understanding the College Years, Fifth Ed. Karen Levin Coburn, Madge Lawrence Treeger

You’re On Your Own (But I’m Here If You Need Me): Mentoring Your Child During the College YearsMarjorie Savage

Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s ChangesWilliam Bridge

Parenting with Love and Logic: Teaching Children ResponsibilityFoster Cline and Jim Fay

Brainstorm: the Power and the Purpose of the Teenage BrainDaniel J. Siegel


How to find information?

We encourage you to ask your student first if you have a question about anything to do with life at Quest. If your student  does not know the answer, encourage them to find the answer by using the resources online, or by asking other students, staff, or faculty.

Policies and Other Information

Mailing Address

Care packages are a nice sign of love and support, and are appreciated by the students! You can send or forward along your student’s mail to:

(Student Name)
3200 University Blvd
Squamish, BC
V8B 0N8 Canada

For a local ‘Care package’ option which was suggested by a fellow Quest Parent, check out Caveman Grocer. This is a Whistler-based company that can deliver a variety of food to Quest.

Parent Contact

Darren Newton,
Interim Dean, Student Life & Athletics

Phone: 604.898.8098

Emergency Situations

Student Affairs Emergency On-call
Phone: 604.389.8089