Quest Kids Childcare

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Quest is reaching out to you on behalf of the Questkids pilot program as you are parents who were involved in the program last year or have expressed interest in enrolling your child in the program which would start in September 2017.

As you are aware Questkids started out last year as a pilot program.  Unfortunately, our analysis of the program has shown that the model was unsustainable, so with great regret we have determined that this pilot program will not continue in September 2017 and has been cancelled.

The University appreciates all of the support from parents who have been involved or were planning on being involved in this program.  It has been great to have school age children bringing a new type of energy and presence to the campus and Quest may still consider running a Questkids program sometime in the future.

Quest would like to express Thanks to Ashley for her hard work and management of the program over the past 3 months.  We wish her success in all of her future adventures.

If you have any questions regarding the above please feel free to email or call me at your convenience.

Have a good summer.

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