Luke Urso
Climate Change, Migration, Retreat: How prepared are coastal nations for sea level rise?
Mentor: Dr. Colin Bates
Sea level is rising: How prepared are coastal nations to manage our retreat from the shore? 1.8-billion people will become displaced due to sea-level-rise, erosion, coastal storms, and flooding by 2100. Governments have an opportunity to act proactively, yet this window is closing. We do not know how many governments are yet prepared. To discover this, I performed independent research with Dr. Heidi Weiskel and Dr. Rashid Sumaila. Six of 154 countries had managed-retreat-plans – all of them already experiencing significant impacts from sea-level-rise. Our findings suggest that, globally, managed-retreat policy fits a, less-optimal, “reactive” model, as opposed to a “proactive” model.
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