Keegan Durovich
An Environmental Study of the Invasive Varnish Clam (Nuttallia obscurata) in Howe Sound
Mentor: Dr. Marjorie Wonham
How can we foster biodiversity? I focused on systems that support and govern our farms and fisheries, and how they are affected by invasive species. This keystone is focused on the invasive varnish clam (Nuttallia obsucrata). Native to the subtropics of the West Pacific, varnish clams can be found in high densities both in their native range and in the Northeast Pacific where they were introduced during the 1980’s. I found that there are several abiotic environmental factors that affect varnish clam size and population density. Understanding the factors that affect population dynamics allows for informed conservation and management decisions.

Research for this project was sponsored by a Student Project Grant awarded by the Research, Scholarship and Works Committee of Quest University Canada.

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