Lauren van de Kar
A Conversation on Alzheimer’s Disease – and a Book for Children
Mentor: Dr. Emma Davy
How will we cure Alzheimer’s Disease? Alzheimer’s Disease is increasingly becoming a global threat: 106.2 million individuals are predicted to suffer from the disease in the year 2050. This is a serious concern for the future if no measures are taken; thereby impacting patients physically, mentally, and financially and the society at large. With over 100 years of research, there is still no means to prevent, decelerate, or reverse the progression of the disease. Scientific discovery is impeded by the multifaceted nature of the disease as well as a lack of available funding. We must encourage a public conversation on Alzheimer’s Disease, both from a societal and scientific perspective to move research forward. By offering children a book on the disease, with a narrative to engage with, we can attempt to inspire the next generation to keep this conversation alive.
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