Wed Feb 14 2018

Whistler Public Library: Kimberly Dawe

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Whistler Public Library

Whistler Public Library: Kimberly Dawe

Stories from the Squamish Estuary: turning monthly bird surveys into assessments of change

by Kimberly Dawe

Location: Whistler Public Library
7:00pm to 8:30pm
Free & Open to the Public

Bird species, particularly song birds, are undergoing unprecedented declines in North America, and globally, due to habitat loss and degradation, climate change and human factors (e.g. cats and windows!) The Squamish Estuary has a history of human disturbance but has also been a focus of restoration efforts since 2001 and may provide a safe haven among stressors elsewhere. The Squamish Environment Society has collected over 300 months of data, from 20 sites in the Estuary, documenting the abundance of more than 235 bird species. This dataset presents an opportunity to understand how and why migratory and resident birds have changed in abundance over time. This talk will provide the first set of results from this citizen science dataset, identifying which species have undergone change and in which direction.

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