Thu Jun 7 2018

Vancouver Public Library Talk: Secrets of the Nuclear Priesthood

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Vancouver Public Library

Vancouver Public Library Talk: Secrets of the Nuclear Priesthood

6 pm


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7 pm
Quest University Canada presents a Vancouver Public Library Talk: “Secrets of the Nuclear Priesthood”

The Bomb is Back. In a few short months, North Korea has declared it has a functional nuclear force, and US President Donald Trump may agree to a historic summit, ostensibly to convince the North Korean government to disarm. At the same time, the Trump administration is undermining an agreement with Iran intended to delay that country’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. It’s hard to make sense of these developments without understanding the underlying dynamics of nuclear strategy. Drawing on decades of analysis, strategic studies expert Dr. Doug Munroe explains why countries build weapons whose main purpose is to not be used, why some think more bombs are better, and why the very thing that is supposed to make us safer might put us at greater risk.

Vancouver Public Library – “Alma VanDusen” Room

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