Thu Feb 8

Local Leaders Talk



Local Leaders Talk

LOCAL LEADERS TALK : A panel discussion on how business and community can benefit each other

As the Squamish community and its economy grow, as is the trend, it is important to examine the interaction between the two and their best path for integrated growth. Quest University Canada will provide a productive format for discussion in an academic setting that allows for a neutral space for sharing ideas and posing  thoughtful questions.

Local Leaders Talk aims to:

Foster a connection between Quest and the larger Squamish and Whistler communities.

Create a space for dialogue on the relationship between community and business, and the role Quest can play therein.

Facilitate communication between the students and faculty of Quest, leaders in the local community, and business leaders in Squamish and Whistler.

Open a path of connection between the intellectual and academic resources of Quest, and the knowledge and experiences of local community and business leaders.

Location: MPR

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