Mon Sep 11 2017

Hot Topics in Science: Justin Lee

4:30pm - 6:00pm


Hot Topics in Science: Justin Lee

Does the hippocampus have a unique role in long-term memory?
Justin Lee
Monday, Sept 11 at 430 pm
Quest University Canada / Room 216

Popular models of long-term memory (LTM) organization in the brain suggest that the hippocampus (HPC) has a specific, unique role in LTM. Authors of popular theories highlight specific patterns of amnesia when the HPC is damaged before a learning event. However, these views also suggest that HPC damage should have equivalent amnestic effects if disrupted before or soon after a learning event. By contrast to this prediction, several groups have shown that HPC damage after learning causes more widespread, or “global” amnesia. This general effect remains without explanation in popular models of HPC function in LTM. Here, I suggest a new concept, on long-term memory organization to account for these effects and generate several new predictions. In recent work, we have begun to confirm some of these predictions, supporting a general role of the HPC in LTM organization.

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