Emergency Information

Emergency Information

Consult this page for Quest emergency and security contacts and related information.

In case of life-threatening emergency CALL 911.

Campus EMS

Campus EMS provides basic life support emergency medical services to anyone on the Quest University Campus. The CEMS team has a first responder trained student on-call at all times to provide emergency care and preliminary assessments for individuals with medical issues or concerns. This is a confidential service.

The Campus EMS on-call phone number is 604.848.4036.

For non-urgent inquiries, contact Campus EMS.

Quest Security

Quest Security is comprised of qualified and dedicated in-house security personnel who are focussed on maintaining a safe, welcoming and secure campus for everyone in the Quest community.

To contact Quest Security, call 604.389.8086.

For non-urgent inquiries, contact Campus Security.

24-hour Student On-Call phone

If you have immediate safety concerns about any student in the Quest community, please contact the 24-hour Student Life On-Call Phone at 604.389.8089 or Campus Security (see above)

Emergency First Aid Procedures

  1. ENSURE ACCIDENT SCENE IS SAFE – no further danger to injured person or yourself
  2. DO NOT MOVE PATIENT – unless there is a high risk of further injury or death. Keep calm and do not leave patient unattended
  3. CALL SECURITY at 604.389.8086 and CAMPUS EMS at 604.848.4036 – report exact location of patient and nature of injuries
  4. If life-threatening condition is suspected, CALL 9-1-1 first and then inform CAMPUS EMS and SECURITY
  5. BE PREPARED TO ASSIST – when directed by first aid attendant

Severe Weather Conditions

IF AT QUEST – an announcement will be made from the President’s Office regarding University closure due to severe weather conditions.

IF AT HOME – Listen to radio broadcasts (FM 107.1 Mountain FM) or contact 604.898.8000 for updates. Depending on the area of residence, road conditions may be unsafe or, in some cases, closed.

Pay attention to police and highway department radio announcements. The Quest website will also be updated in the case of emergencies.

Procedure for Responding to Dangerous Wildlife on Campus

Given the natural environment surrounding campus, wildlife may be encountered. All wildlife can present a danger to humans and should be avoided.

If you happen to encounter a wild animal:

  • Remain calm
  • Back away slowly. Do NOT run!
  • Do not yell
  • Do not antagonize the animal in any way (e.g. throwing things, kicking up dirt, etc.)
  • Speak slowly and softly
  • Head to a secure area, if possible (e.g. building, vehicle)
  • Report the sighting to Campus Security at 604.389.8086. Campus Security reports wildlife sightings and encounters to the Conservation Officer Service’s 24 Hour Hotline (877.952.7277).

Quest University Canada is suspending regular academic programming following
completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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