Lindsey and Bo, parents to Ben Grayzel ‘19


What was your first impression of Quest?

I had never heard of Quest before, so I had to overcome my skepticism that a good liberal arts school would be completely off my radar. I thought the Block Plan was intriguing, and that it offered flexibility with interdisciplinary classes and Field Studies, and to truly dive deep into the curriculum. I was impressed by the student-teacher ratio. The setting provided many opportunities for my son to be outdoors, which is integral to keeping him healthy and happy.

Why was Quest the right place for your son?

My son is not one to do something simply because it is expected of him. He chafes when people make assumptions. He is someone who takes initiative to pursue things that interest him, and disregards societal expectations if they don’t fit. Being authentic was not just honored at Quest, but encouraged. Ben made some great friends because Quest attracts others who similarly question assumptions. They all encourage each other to try new experiences and strive for excellence. This nurtures a rich academic environment where students are asked to reach for deeper answers.

How did your child grow during their time here?

Ben changed tremendously during his time at Quest. My son is a much better writer and reader now. He went from being fairly good student but dismissive about the importance of education for education’s sake, to valuing the role of academics as a foundation for personal and societal development.

On hindsight, what was the best thing about Quest?

The student body and faculty who encourage everyone to work hard, reach deep, and question. Also high on the list is the low student-faculty ratio, access to the outdoors, and the affordability of the high-quality education.

What would you say to parents who are considering Quest?

Quest best serves students who take initiative to pursue their interests. If your child needs lots of structure or to be told what to do and when to do it, than Quest is not the place for them. If your child instead has lots of big ideas, but needs help implementing them, then Quest is a place that they can find mentorship and support to help them realize their big ideas.



What was your first impression of Quest?

I knew it was in a beautiful location and after watching videos by David Helfand about the philosophy and the school’s founding, I thought it could be a very good fit.

Why was this the right place for your son?

Ben does his best learning when he is focused on something he is interested in. Choosing one topic to focus on for four weeks, and then getting a true break, was an ideal way for him to engage. The small class sizes, group work, and peer accountability have been incredibly good as well.

How do you feel Quest made a difference for Ben?

Ben has grown in many ways. He is now truly interested in academia, critical thinking, and working as part of a community.

What would you say to parents who are considering Quest?

Quest is a great nurturing environment for young people looking to find themselves. Participation is mandatory and too small to hide in or fall through the cracks.

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