Katherine Kurdyak, LEAP

Katherine studied classical music as a child—playing violin and piano, singing in choirs and taking music lessons. She started writing music when she was only 12.

Currently, she is a singer/songwriter for the popular musical trio, The Katherines, a Vancouver-based alt-pop band comprised of sisters Kate and Lauren Kurdyak, and family friend Kaitlyn Hausen-Boucher. Lauren is also a Quest student and a member of the LEAP program.

Before they were The Katherines, they were on diverging paths. Then came B.C.’s Best Teen Band contest, which Katherine initially entered as a solo artist. She made the Top 3, but for the live performance she had to form a band. This was the beginning of The Katherines.

Being a university student and a busy performing artist keeps Katherine extremely busy, but the flexibility of the LEAP program allows her to complete her education while pursuing her musical dreams.

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