Juan Pablo Alcocer ‘15

What was your Question?
How can one create and develop a green business?

Where are you now?
I’m working at Biofields Renewable Energy, in Mexico City.

What Concentration Courses did you take?

  • Microeconomics (Social Sciences)
  • Macroeconomics (Social Sciences)
  • Political Institutions (Social Sciences)
  • Urban Infrastructure (Sciences)
  • Ecological Economics (Social Sciences)
  • Behavioral Economics (Social Sciences)
  • The Media Age (Social Sciences)
  • Developmental Economics (Social Sciences)
  • Self, Culture, and Society (Social Sciences)
  • Science of Filmmaking (Arts and Humanities)
  • Marketing (Social Sciences)

What was your Keystone?

Mas Lluvia (Business Plan): Providing alternative, small-scale, and localized water sources for people and businesses in Mexico

What are some of the things you did outside the classroom?
Internship with New Balance footwear

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