Fendy, parent to Yin Xzi Ho ‘20

What was your first impression of Quest?

Based on the website, Quest was a relatively young university in a resort-like environment, from swimming to hiking and good views. The unique methodology included the Block system that gives a more focused and in-depth learning experience. It was YinXzi’s own decision to choose Quest after her teacher told her that regardless which Universities admitted her, Quest was still the right and best choice.

Why was Quest the right choice for your daughter?

YinXzi has been very impressed and is working well with Block system that stays focus on core areas. The frequent presentations and active interactions have further enhanced her confidence, and her persuasion and influential skills, which are crucial to making a positive impact on the community and the world.

How has Yin Xzi grown during her time here?

She has been much happier and joyful. She is easily embraced into other cultures, friendships or simply being a volunteer in helping those who are in need. She has matured a lot, working very hard. She is a good role model to her sisters.

Quest offers a conducive environment and platform that cultivates focus and self-learning through active group interactions without losing the balance in social and personal activities. These are only possible because of Quest’s noble commitment and dedicated culture, from the Board to every single staff member on the ground.

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