Ann, parent to Noah Bizer ’16

What was your first impression of Quest?

We were initially excited by the intense academic immersion and unique flexibilityof the curriculum promised. We also liked the fact that students all lived on campus, thereby creating a close-knit community that could offer a level of support and student experience we didn’t think would be available at bigger or more conventional universities.

We got the impression the student body at Quest was truly there to learn. We were right. At Quest, the academic discussions and interactions do not end when students walk outside the classroom, but extend throughout the campus at all hours of day and night.  Truly a vibrant, knowledge seeking student body.

Why was Quest the right choice for your son?

Quest offered our son the opportunity for self-designed learning. He is very curious and intellectually motivated, and he was able to focus on what he was passionate about, gain experience and develop the skills to help him succeed in what he loves doing.

The small class sizes were also important. Conference-table classrooms, no lectures halls, and authentic engagement with his tutors was key for Noah when he chose Quest.

Quest’s campus is also gorgeous! It is nestled on a hill overlooking Squamish, and it has the most amazingly scenic views of the Stawamus Chief, surrounding snow-capped mountain peaks and pristine forests. The Squamish area is also renowned for outdoor recreation, and offers everything from skiing, snowmobiling, mountain biking and rock-climbing, to kite-surfing, paddle boarding, and fishing.

In your view, what are the strengths of the Block Plan?

The Block Plan allowed Noah to concentrate on and develop a deeper understanding of a particular subject. At the end of each Block, Quest students get a Block Break, so they get some time to relax and recreate, travel, or even pursue other academic interests.

In one sentence, what is the best thing about Quest?

Quest truly prepares students for the real world by infusing them with a love of learning and the the skills they’ll need to succeed, such as critical-thinking, problem-solving, global empathy and intellectual independence.

What would you say to parents who are considering Quest?

Quest will give your child the education they need and deserve, and it will end up being the best decision they could ever make for their future.

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