Vasi just got to Sweden for Study Abroad and has already met the mayor of Malmö. She tells us about the challenges and the fun of studying abroad.

Q: What made you choose Sweden for your Study Abroad?

A: I was looking for a place that would challenge me on the same level I have gotten used to at Quest. At the end, I picked Sweden because Malmö University was offering the most rigorous program in my area of interest, Peace and Conflict Studies.

Q: What’s the most surprising thing you’ve discovered?

A: The Swedish language! As a part of the introductory week I signed up for the Swedish language course and quickly realized that it is a language like no other I’ve studied before. Swedish has an intriguing combination of soft vowels and harsh consonants, forming sentences that are pronounced in a special manner, which the Swedish call “a melody”. Very, very interesting.

Q: Any challenges so far?

A: The most challenging part of my experience so far has been getting used to lectures. My program is a popular one, which means that my average class size is about 80-90 students (quite a contrast to the 20-student classrooms I am used to at Quest). 

However, I brought my “Questie” mentality with me and on the first week of class formed a small study group of enthusiastic students. We meet once a week and discuss the readings and lectures.

Q: What subject are you studying?

A: I am in a program called “Peace and Conflict Studies 1”.

Q: What’s the funnest part of Study Abroad?

A: The funnest part has definitely been meeting all the people from around the world. Finding out different perspectives that we all have on the same topic is invaluable. Every day I am making friendships that cross cultural boundaries and which, I am sure, will last a lifetime.

Q: How will Study Abroad enrich your Quest experience?

A: When I come back to Quest in January I hope to be able to bring the knowledge I gained at Malmo to the classroom discussions as well as just every day interactions. I will also be recommending to take the opportunity of going on exchange to all of my friends.

Q: Any advice for students considering  Study Abroad? 

A: Yes! I’d tell them to go for it. Exchange is a big decision, but it is one of the best decisions you will make in life, I promise!

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