What are Quest’s priorities now that we are out of CCAA?

A top priority for Quest is the process of Strategic Academic Planning, in which Quest will be creating a plan with measurable goals to build sustainable, thriving, and innovative institutions. Three major areas of focus for the Strategic Academic Plan will be developing the current BA&Sc program; considering the addition of new programs and certifications; and fostering partnerships. The process will involve board consultation.

Quest will also be working with its partners to develop Strategic Marketing and Recruitment plans.

Through all this work, Quest aims to care for, support, and steward currently enrolled students, and forge stronger connections with our local Squamish, Sea to Sky, and First Nations communities.

For more information about the Strategic Academic Planning process, visit the portal or contact cao@questu.ca.

Who are the new Board Members?

Quest is pleased to welcome Senator Yonah Martin and Mr. Arthur Willms to the Board of Governors. Sheila M. Biggers, Anna Lippman, and Chief Dale Harry are also continuing to serve as Board Members.

For more information about the Quest University Canada Board of Governors, please click here.

How many students are currently enrolled? How many new students do you think we will have this coming Fall?

Currently there are approximately 200 students enrolled this term. We are anticipating an incoming class of around 50-60 students. The Admissions team is working hard to hit this anticipated number, while also building momentum and developing strategy for further growth in Fall 2022 and beyond.

Which staff and Faculty members are departing Quest? Are there new staff and faculty?

There have been a few departures and several new additions.

Dr. Steve Quane had his final day on December 31st. Krystle tenBrink, Manager of Career Services and Experiential Learning and Drs. Meaghan MacNutt, Molly Welsh, and Mai Yasue had their last day at Quest on Friday, February 26th. Dr. Natalie Bursztyn has also moved on but continues teaching this term as a Visiting Tutor. Drs. Emma Davy and André  Lambelet will be moving on from Quest at the end of July. We would like to thank Steve, Natalie, Krystle, Meaghan, Molly, Mai, André and Emma for their contributions to Quest over the years.

We would also like to officially announce our new Admissions, Marketing, Communications, and Advancement team members. We are excited to welcome:

  • Ashley Belcon as our new Financial Aid Coordinator
  • Rachel Rendle, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Colin Boguski, Executive Director of Admissions
  • Shelby Warkentin, Senior Admissions Counsellor
  • Jonny Yu, Admissions Counsellor
  • Monica Rawlek, Admissions Counsellor
  • Ethan Letkerman, Business Analyst
  • Joni Fehrenbacher, Interim Director, LEAP Program
  • Meghan Neufeld, Director of Project Development
  • Jonathan Fehr, Director of Communications
  • Taryn Hood, Manager of Administrative Operations
  • Mat Marquez, VP Enrolment
  • Scott Fehrenbacher, CEO of Higher Education at Primacorp

We would also like to offer our congratulations to James Blumhagen, Admissions Communications Specialist, and Tim Schoahs, Executive Director of Alumni and Donor Relations, on your new positions at Quest.

How will you address the disciplinary gaps left by Faculty departures?

Quest will be posting full-time Faculty positions, with a focus on addressing disciplinary gaps. Where full-time Faculty are not able to fulfill course offerings, Visiting Tutors will be hired.

My Faculty Advisor or Mentor has left Quest. Who should I contact if I am unsure of who will be my new Advisor or Mentor?

Please contact registrar@questu.ca, or reach out the CAO at cao@questu.ca.

When will we know what courses are being offered for Fall 2021?

The course slate will be posted by mid-March. Some courses that will be offered in the Fall will not appear on the first draft of the course slate. New Faculty hires and Visiting Tutors will be able to offer additional courses, which we will add to the slate as those positions are filled.

What will enrolment look like moving forward? How will the admission standard be upheld?

All open admissions counsellor and director positions have been filled as of March 1st. Now with a new team standing up and ready to dive into a focused recruiting campaign, we are targeting a new student enrolment goal of 60 students for this fall. Additionally, we are trending favorably and will be hosting our first virtual recruiting event, QuestX, on April 7th.

With regards to upholding Quest’s admissions standards and expectations, this is still a priority focus as we recruit new students. And as we look forward to the next fall recruiting cycle (Fall ‘22), we will only amplify this standard with our future recruited students. We’re committed to ensuring each of our new students is prepared and capable to thrive here at Quest.

Will we be in-person this Fall?

Quest University is planning a progressive return to in-person teaching, learning, and living for the Fall 2021 academic term.

The last year has been challenging for the staff, faculty, and students of Quest University. The evolution of the pandemic has required tremendous flexibility, resilience, and creativity. We recognize the toll these changes have taken on all members of our community.

The University’s top priorities continue to focus on providing a high-quality academic and student experience, as well as safeguarding the health and wellness of our community members.

COVID-19 will remain part of our lives, and precautions will still be necessary. Public health restrictions are likely to still be in place at that time, including mandatory mask orders and physical distancing requirements. Following the COVID-19 Go-Forward Guidelines for B.C.’s Post-Secondary Sector and in consultation with local public health officials and our staff and faculty, Quest has designed prevention and response measures to support the re-opening of campus residences and the gradual increase of in-person teaching, learning, and administrative and support services.

Quest will continue to demonstrate flexibility. We will be responsive to the needs of those students who may face barriers to returning to campus and we will continue to adapt our planning to align with the evolving COVID-19 public health information and direction. The timeline for B.C.’s vaccination program roll-out, the presence of COVID-19 variants, and local transmission rates continue to pose unknowns that will have to be monitored and continuously assessed.

In the weeks and months to come, we will communicate with students about what this planning means for such areas as residence operations, our meal hall, and more. We look forward to working with students, staff, faculty, and families in the coming months, as we continue to plan for this gradual return.

Can you provide an update on the unsecured and convenience creditor process?

Pursuant to the Court’s Order, upon the closing of the Primacorp Transaction, all unsecured liabilities of Quest University Canada were effectively transferred to Quest Guardian Properties Ltd. (“Guardian”) and the Quest Plan was amended to become Guardian’s Plan.

The Meeting of Creditors to consider the Guardian Plan was held on December 11, 2020. The Plan was defeated by creditors at the Meeting of Creditors. As a result, Guardian was assigned into bankruptcy and PWC was appointed trustee of Quest Guardian Property. PWC will now assume the responsibility to facilitate the distribution of the $1.35 million paid by Primacorp to the unsecured creditors.

Due to the bankruptcy filing of Guardian, Convenience creditor claims will not be paid in full, and Cash Election creditors will not receive a $1,000 payment as outlined in the original Plan; rather, all unsecured creditors will receive their pro-rata share of the $1.35 million currently being held by PWC. A recovery rate to unsecured creditors is unknown at this time due to 3 unresolved claims. We anticipate these unresolved claims will be dealt within the next 4 to 6 weeks.

All known creditors of Guardian should have received an email from the Trustee by January 22, 2021, advising them of the next steps in the process.

The transaction with Primacorp has completed. Quest’s operations will not be impacted by the bankruptcy of Quest Guardian Property.

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