“The Quest community is incredibly kind and open.”

Ben Grayzel ‘19

Your Keystone is a documentary film. Tell us more.

I spent a month in Israel and the West Bank shooting Stranger in Zion. The film uses the story of a young diaspora Jew on a Birthright trip to explore themes of identity, nationalism, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I’m excited to share my Keystone with the community on December 18.

Why film?

I’d made a short documentary about cannabis culture in my high school during Oregon’s legalization process. The film went viral on YouTube, and I was interviewed on the local news. The experience made me realize the power of film as a medium.

You’ve made some great videos for Quest! What’s your favourite?

Without a doubt, the greatest video I have made for Quest is the 12-minute documentary-style film, Discover Quest. In my opinion, this video represents what Quest is and what Quest could be. I care a lot about this place so I wanted to share the Quest experience by leveraging the power of video.

Looking back at your time at Quest, if you could do one thing differently, what would it be?

The Quest community is incredibly kind and open, so I would have put myself out there more right away. Now, I know that everyone here seems to really celebrate each other for who they are. I regret not pushing myself to make more connections with the amazing people in this community.

Plans for life after Quest?

I’m moving to southern Mexico after I graduate to refine my Spanish language skills and try living somewhere with a little less rain. I will most likely return to B.C. after a few months to obtain my permanent residency.

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