Thanks to generous donors like you, our Summer Giving Campaign was a big success! Your gifts will lead to improvements in the Arts, Sciences, and Field Trips, providing students with the tools they need to thrive.


Quest Arts received $13,355, allowing us to acquire a much-needed studio microphone.

“Your generosity means we now have a Neumann u87, often called the most famous studio microphone of all time,” said Dr. Jeff Warren, Faculty in Music and Humanities. “In November I teach Songwriting & Recording, and I’m thrilled that the students will use a microphone they have heard on countless recordings. Having a first-rate microphone will dramatically improve the quality of recordings done for Keystone projects as well as co-curricular activities.”


The Sciences received $14,105 in donations to help students learn about the major scientific questions of our time, from DNA to climate change. Our first purchase was an orbital shaker, a vital tool for budding scientists.

In the words of a few grateful students:

“Creating cell cultures is one of the most basic tasks performed to execute experiments in the molecular biology field. For the cells to grow properly they need to be constantly moving to be exposed to oxygen, as well as be maintained at a constant temperature, both tasks are accomplished by an orbital shaker.

“Having an orbital shaker will allow us to run molecular biology experiments in both a class and research setting. Thanks to the orbital shaker a lot of our experiments will now run smoother and will ensure basic experimental reproducibility.

“A big thank you to our donors from Michael, Sam, Claire, Paige, Jess, Marcos and many other current and future students.” 

Field Trips

The campaign also raised $1,300 for Field Trips that let Quest students explore the local environment and learn to solve real-world problems in ecology and beyond. Funds were used to purchase 20 hand lenses (used for identifying rocks, plants and animals) and two tripods for telescopes (used for bird-watching).

“Community investment in education makes all the difference,” said Dr. Veen. “The new equipment will make what is far away seem close, and will make visible what has hereto been invisible.”

It’s always a good time to give!

If you didn’t have a chance to donate to our Summer Giving Campaign, remember that you can support Quest at any time! There are still key items we’d like to purchase, including a water purification system and upgraded lighting for our Multi-Purpose Room. No matter the size, your gift will make a difference to our students. It’s easy. You can give online, through the mail or by phone. Visit the Quest website to make a donation or learn more.

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