Join Physical Sciences Tutor Ian Picketts for our March Quest Lecture, Modelling and Visualizing Community Planning.
Community policies and land-use decisions have significant implications for local human and environmental well-being. Understanding these implications requires considering a range of interconnected factors when a community develops in a certain way.
In this presentation, Ian will discuss how systems models can help us understand how different development patterns influence communities in terms of transportation patterns, business viability, social connection and other factors. He will share research (led by Dr. Rob Newell), where five distinct future development scenarios for Squamish were explored. Finally, he will discuss interactive visualizations as a tool to communicate these scenarios.

About the Speaker
As an undergraduate, Ian studied engineering, and later worked as an environmental policy analyst, promoting sustainable energy development and climate change action with communities, governments and industry. His early research was on climate change adaptation in the city of Prince George. His current research focuses on how the impacts of climate change interrelate with the impacts of resource development in northern watersheds. Prior to Quest, Ian taught at UNBC, including courses in outdoor recreation, natural resources, and environmental planning.

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