What is the significance of nationhood? What is the relationship between creativity and happiness? How can innovation guide sustainable forest system management? These are a few of the questions that this year’s graduating students have been tackling during their time at Quest. Join us for the Keystone Symposium, where students will present the work of their Keystone Project that provided a focal point for the last two years of their Bachelor of Arts & Science degree. The presentations are targeted toward a general audience, so come with the expectation that you will learn something no matter where you are coming from. Presentations are arranged into one-hour sessions with three speakers per session. Please plan to stay for the entirely of a session. The Showcase presentations on Wednesday afternoon have been selected as a demonstration of the breadth and depth of what this graduating class has accomplished.

Symposium Schedule

Tuesday, December 18:

9 – 10 am

Bronwyn Taylor

David Chouraqui


10 – 11 am

Stefan Navarrete

Raoul Tillieux

Adam Wray


11 am – noon

Kai Myers

Shae Watson

Morgan Hillis


1 – 2 pm

Tealia Palmer-Ruben

Federico Guss

Marcela Villaca


2 – 3 pm

Danielle Smith

Harrison McNeil

Ross Denny-Jiles


3-4 pm

Marcos Carlos Da Silva

Claire MacMurray

Jessica Hancock


Wednesday, December 19:

9 – 10 am

Alayna  Annett

Daan de Kruijf

Graeme Lee Rowlands


10 – 11 am

Zachary Kershman

Cameron Carrick


11 am – noon

Kelsey Chamberlin

Aidan Bradfield

Celia Pratt


1 – 3 pm

Keystone Showcase

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