Quest University Canada invites you to join us for a community conversation focused on how plant sciences can be leveraged to meet today’s Grand Challenges. We will have a panel of local and regional experts who will tell us how their work is contributing innovative solutions to challenges facing today’s society, from urban agriculture and grassroots movements to cutting edge biotechnology solutions for sustainable and resilient industrial agriculture. Joining us will be Squamish Food Policy Council members Constance Wylie and Krystle tenBrink, Terramerra’s Dr. Steve Slater, and DynamicWholeScapes’ Thomas Schneider. Speaker talks will be followed by a moderated discussion featuring questions from the audience.

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We look forward to a rich conversation!


Krystle is a co-founder of the Squamish Food Policy Council and Director of the Squamish Climate Action Network (Squamish CAN). She has been working on grassroots food and sustainability initiatives in Squamish for 10 years. Krystle also works at Quest University Canada as the Manager of Residence Life. 

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Talk description: 

Food Policy Council ImpactsAn introduction to the role food policy councils have on advancing sustainable food systems in BC, specifically the connection between agriculture, food security, community and local government. 

Constance (she/her) is a co-chair of the Squamish Food Policy Council and director of the Mamquam Edible Schoolyard in Squamish. She has been engaged with food and sustainability initiatives in British Columbia for 10 years focusing on bridging the gap between humans and nature through solutions focused regenerative food systems and urban ecology.  

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Talk description: 

Regenerative Agriculture: soil at the centre of an equitable, healthy and abundant future

Thomas is the founder of DynamicWholeScapes, a business focused on promoting landscaping practices that are sustainable and multipurpose with a focus on soil health. He has had a lifelong involvement with plants, with a particular focus on soil, serving as a Regenerative Soils Consultant, Soil Food Web and BioDynamic Advisor. 

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Talk description: 

Regenerative, Holistic and BioDynamic Farming for the future: An introduction into systems which increase yield efficiency, resilience to climate fluctuation, and strengthens health and vitality of air, water, soil, plants, animals and humans, now and for generations to come.  


Dr. Slater is Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Vancouver-based Terramerra. Dr. Slater is a scientist, educator and innovator who has worked in industry as a senior scientist with leading agtech companies such as Monsanto and in academia as a professor at Arizona Statue University and University of WisconsinSteve’s work has contributed to innovations in biofuel generation and industrial agriculture. 

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Talk description 

Science at the Centre of the Venn Diagram: A discussion of how interdisciplinary approaches are critical to answering complex problems using plant biotech as context. 

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