Abstract: How does fiction reveal truth? How do authors share and generate knowledge? Drawing on her own identity as a ”third culture kid”, as part of a diaspora, and as a novelist who based her story on a historical event, Aimaq will discuss how her knowledge about her own life and identity changed as the narrative about Afghanistan changed; why she wove these shifting nuances into her novel; and the knowledge she hopes to share with others by telling a story.

Bio: Jasmine Aimaq is the author of the critically acclaimed The Opium Prince, a 2021 finalist for Best First Novel. She has taught History, Foreign Affairs, Middle East Politics, and Creative Writing at the University of Southern California, Quest University, and elsewhere. Aimaq was born in Germany to a Swedish mother and Afghan father. At age 4, she moved to Afghanistan with her family. They left the country in 1976, two years before the April Revolution triggered war that has lasted more than 40 years. Aimaq’s family eventually settled in Los Angeles. She obtained her BA from UCLA and her PhD in History from Lund University Sweden, spending most of her 20s in Europe. She has also had a career in nonprofit; she was director of Press and Corporate Relations at the Pacific Council on International Policy, and Deputy Executive Director at Global Green USA, Mikhail Gorbachev’s environmental and arms control movement. She divides her time between British Columbia and California.

Cornerstone Evening Lecture: September 8, 2021, 7 pm,

Location: Quest University Campus, Multi-purpose Room (MPR)

Title: The Narrative of Truth – Fiction as Knowledge

Speaker: Dr Jasmine Aimaq

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