Sommer Harris

Admissions Counsellor


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Hometown: Whidbey Island, Washington, USA

Sommer joined the Quest Admissions Team after a year of acting, directing, singing and improvising in the theater, which are lifelong passions of hers. She spent the previous year in Uganda, where she launched a forum on the intersection of arts and sciences at the Uganda National Academy of Sciences.

Sommer believes in interdisciplinary thinking, and that young people have some of the most precious wisdom to share with the world. Her hobbies include foosball, swimming, ultimate frisbee, playing mbira, writing music and reading.

Favourite  spot on campus: “When I was a Quest student, my favorite spot was studying in the breakout rooms in the Academic Building. I could just study in there for hours on end.

Fun fact: Sommer is a unicyclist. 

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