Ananda Bortoletto

Admissions Counsellor (International Students)

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  • Where were you born?
    • I was born in São Paulo, Brazil. I shared my hometown with 22 million other people. I surely miss Sampa’s cultural, wealth, and amazing world cuisine. Above all, São Paulo is a vibrant sample of Brazilian people – so diverse and yet unique in their friendliness and curiosity about the world.
  • Why are you excited to work at Quest?
    • I settled near Quest University when I moved to Squamish. As a neighbour, I had the chance to visit the campus and meet with the faculty, students, and staff in several activities open to the community throughout the years. Coming from a long academic experience myself, I couldn’t help but notice the unique quality of Quest and its members. Quest is the place where you will have meaningful and profound interactions, it doesn’t really matter the topic or situation. In my role as Admission Counsellor for International Students, I am excited to connect vibrant students from Latin America with the amazing universe of Quest.
  • Your best college memory?
    • I had such a fantastic time with my peers in class or travelling. However, my relationship with my tutors was the most precious memory from University. Particularly the ‘toughest’ ones. They would bring up the complex challenges that I appreciated so much, shaping me as a person and professional. They became my life-long mentors for my following years in the academic and professional world, in Brazil and in Canada.
  • One of your favourite books/movies, and why?
    • The oldies: Book, The Hitchhiker’s to the Galaxy – series of Douglas Adams; and Movie, Contact – Carl Sagan. Because the universe holds so much beauty, mystery, and humour for those with the right questions
  • Favourite restaurant?
    • Chickpea in Vancouver. Such an amazing Mediterranean restaurant. Their menu is so creative that you want to try every single item. In fact, they offer the Hafla serving for those who are up to the challenge of endless refills of side dishes.
    • Here in Squamish, Saha Eatery is a fantastic representative of Mediterranean cuisine, with great service. Saha is featured in top positions both in local and Vancouver rankings.
  • Favourite local activity?
    • Squamish is the perfect playground where Banoffee – my Aussie/Collie dog – takes me for hikes or paddleboard adventures. We also love gathering with friends for cooking, music or game nights.
  • Advice for students?
    • Don’t let the mesmerizing beauty of Squamish and our Campus distract you. The best of Quest lies in its people and their uplifting interactions. Beyond carrying up the excellence, innovation and rigours of the program designed by Dr. David Strangway, our faculty, staff and students value a strong sense of community. You will find at Quest the perfect environment to safely develop and explore everything that defines your authentic self today and in your future. Your peers from all places and backgrounds are, like you, extremely resilient, open-minded, fluent in asking questions embracing challenges and changes. Quest is the place where you will feel elevated after every encounter and unavoidably you will elevate others and your own future. Enjoy it all.
  • In ten years, you see yourself?
    • I believe that knowledge presents itself in a beautiful and dynamic dance. We spend our lifetime acquiring and exchanging experiences and information with this world in so many forms. Books, movies, courses, talks, friendships, clubs, and Tiktoks. I also believe that knowledge has a subtle quality, where it flows differently if you are thirsty for it, if you are open to the diversity of point of views and sources, and if you like to share it. Above all, I believe that by applying knowledge into our daily life it is the utmost form to honor those who bestow that to us. So in ten years, and hopefully way beyond that, I hope to honor the amazing people and their beautiful teachings by living by everything I learned with them.
  • Random fact about yourself?
    • I lived for a couple of years in a beautiful temple in a small village near Kolkata in India. I would wake up daily at three in the morning to practice Bhakti Yoga, study Eastern Philosophy, learn mantras in Sanskrit and Bengali. There, I also volunteered in educational and food distribution projects. I was very fortunate to share this experience and knowledge in volunteering opportunities with communities in 25 countries, where I met the most beautiful, heart-warming people. I carry this experience with me wherever I go with Bhakti Yoga events.
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