Sophie Katz

HOMETOWN: Oakland, California

PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Jewish Community High School of the Bay


FAVOURITE THING ABOUT QUEST: The sheer amount of love and support that exists in this place! I also love the forest, people and the views.

ACADEMIC INTERESTS: Environment, Psychology, Indigenous Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Alternative Medicine, Humanities, Judaism (religion in general), alternative forms of learning

FIND ME: Romping around the forest sans shoes, making plant medicine, snowboarding, feeling the weight of the world, reading harry potter, making arts, and practicing my own form of queer-witchy zen Judaism

ASK ME ABOUT: Goats! Radical self love! Mental health! Queerness! Witchcraftery!

CLUBS: The Lumen Room, knitting, rock climbing

INTERESTING FACT: I have been raising goats in Oakland, CA since I was 11.

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