Rayyan Chanda

HOMETOWN: Toronto, Ontario

PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Milton District High School


FAVOURITE THING ABOUT QUEST: The Block Plan and how it allows me to put all my focus on what I’m studying at the time.

ABOUT: I spent some time at another university, and realized I was looking for a place that was offering me an education and not just a degree. I found Quest in a magazine (print media isn’t dead yet), and here I am. In my time here, I have learned math can be exciting, learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom and knowledge is facilitated not dictated.  I’m interested in Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Linguistics, English, History, Business and Computer Science.

FIND ME: Eating in the cafeteria

ASK ME: How conversations/discussions/arguments at Quest typically end up becoming several hours long, even if you’re shy like me.

CLUBS: The Mark, The Quest Investment Club, and Let’s Talk Science.

INTERESTING FACT: I don’t like chocolate.

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