Minouka Kuipers

HOMETOWN: Maastricht, The Netherlands

PREVIOUS SCHOOL: United World College Maastricht


QUESTION: How can narrative be used to inspire people?

FAVOURITE THING ABOUT QUEST: Being able to study and live in a beautiful, small and close-knit community.

ABOUT: I flew here from the Netherlands and fell in love with the smell of Canadian cedar wood. I am an intro-extrovert. I like to make, eat and share delicious and nutritious food.

ACADEMIC INTERESTS: Anthropology, health & wellness, writing

FIND ME: Cooking healthy, nutritious meals, journaling, running or walking in the forest, at the Green Olive cafe, observing people (also called doing ethnography)

ASK ME ABOUT: My opinions on globalization and the effect on human health, where to eat in Squamish, Tara Westover’s memoir, Vipassana meditation

CLUBS: The Mark, Naked, Food Committee

INTERESTING FACT: I have a very expressive face.

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