Giulietta Fresquet Kohan

HOMETOWN: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School


FAVOURITE THING ABOUT QUEST: Being able to live in such a beautiful environment, with a welcoming community, makes studying seem more compelling.

ABOUT: My name is Giulietta, yet you can call me Rio. My pronouns are she/her. I am from Brazil, and my family is from Argentina, the last years I lived in Vancouver. Because of that background, I am fluent in all Portuguese, Spanish, and English. I am interested in environmental sciences related to animals.

FIND ME: You can find me either at work, at my dorm, in public places and outdoorsy environments.

ASK ME: Whatever you are interested to know about me.

CLUBS: MUN, vegan culinary, presence club, dance club, and naked.

INTERESTING FACT: Sometimes I have dreams that become real afterwards.

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