Devon Smith

HOMETOWN: Telluride, US

PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Telluride High School


FAVOURITE THING ABOUT QUEST: The close-knit community and support. And the Block Plan!

ABOUT: I love to be outside doing all sorts of crazy things, but I enjoy a simple lazy day inside too. I love to learn languages and find out more about other countries around the world. I also have a love for writing. I have never really been a math or sciences person, but I am hoping that is going to change while I am here at Quest!

FIND ME: Napping on the grass next to my dorm or wandering through the woods. Otherwise, I spend my time in the study room and floor kitchen studying, since I know I will fall asleep in my room.

ASK ME ABOUT: What my exchange year in Taiwan was like, or what Colorado life is like. I have quite a few interesting stories up my sleeve.

CLUBS: Adventure Club, Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club

INTERESTING FACT: I have gone backpacking across Colorado for an entire month!

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