Chloe ’21

My Question: Sex?

Academic interests:
evolutionary biology, field biology, sociology of gender and sexuality, science communication , visual art, creative writing, design

creative director of Werd (literary and visual arts magazine), floor rep (Quest’s version of an RA— but better!), art director of Naked (Quest’s version of the Vagina Monologues, written by students), research assistant to Thor Veen (Life Sciences Faculty)
Digital (and other) artist
Layout designer

I am a third-year student from Oakland, California. I study evolutionary biology related to sexual selection— though I didn’t plan on going a science route when I came to Quest. I have taken most of the field courses offered at Quest (including going to the Amazon rainforest!) and in one way or another I am involved in most facets of the school (from the Residence Council to art events to the world of research). Outside of the academic/co-curricular Quest-sphere, I am an avid scone and cookie baker, an artist who has recently fallen in love with the digital medium, and a social butterfly known to be flying about at superhuman speeds running from meeting to meeting. I knew that I wanted to come to Quest years before I could even apply and I have loved it more each day since.

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