Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

During the 2018-2019 academic year, a working group composed of students, staff and faculty engaged in research and community consultations in order to revise Quest’s Learning Outcomes.


ASPIRATION: Quest graduates will demonstrate intellectual engagement through complex thought.

OUTCOMES: Students who complete Quest’s program can:

  • Analyze, synthesize and evaluate information in order to make decisions or devise solutions;
  • Demonstrate creativity and flexibility in generating a work of the imagination or meeting a purpose;
  • Acknowledge the limits of their individual knowledge in ways which embrace ambiguity and complexity;
  • Critique the quality and credibility of information, including quantitative and qualitative evidence.


ASPIRATION: Quest graduates will make connections among concepts and experiences and apply what they have learned in new contexts.

OUTCOMES: Students who complete Quest’s program can:

  • Apply knowledge and skills learned in their academic studies to other areas of their lives and vice versa;
  • Connect information and ideas from diverse learning experiences;
  • Operate with the tools and approaches of more than one discipline;
  • Draw on prior knowledge to solve new intellectual and practical challenges.


ASPIRATION: Quest graduates are accomplished, flexible communicators.

OUTCOMES: Students who complete Quest’s program can:

  • Design and implement creative ways of sharing meaning or a message;
  • Recognize the linguistic, social and cultural variations in communication practices;
  • Make adjustments in the presentation of ideas for different audiences;
  • Analyze rhetorical and quantitative information and use a range of evidence in response.


ASPIRATION: Quest graduates can respectfully engage with diverse perspectives.

OUTCOMES: Students who complete Quest’s degree program can:

  • Employ multiple disciplines in engaging with a global or international problem;
  • Discuss the influence of bias and power in the production of knowledge;
  • Examine the factors that construct academic fields and worldviews;
  • Practice humility and exhibit openness to the perspectives and lived experiences of others.


ASPIRATION: Quest graduates are exceptional and active members of their communities and lead fulfilling lives.

OUTCOMES: Students who complete Quest’s program can:

  • Reflect on their own thinking, actions and beliefs and apply what they learn from that reflection;
  • Connect human activities and ideas to their consequences for individuals, society and the environment;
  • Make decisions in self-directed projects while considering that project’s wider implications for others;
  • Apply principles of effective collaboration and conflict resolution.

We welcome your feedback on our revised learning outcomes. To share your input, complete this form.


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