Located on the first floor of the Administration Building adjacent to the Atrium, the Learning Commons is a collaborative learning space at Quest where students are invited to discuss papers, concepts, assignments and projects with each other and with trained Peer Tutors. Quest’s Peer Tutors work closely with students and faculty to improve the learning experience. The Learning Commons staff is committed to helping all students become effective, confident, and independent learners.

The Learning Commons offers teaching, learning, and leadership opportunities for its staff. Peer Tutors are trained, supportive, undergraduate students who work individually with other students at all levels and across all disciplines.

Some Peer Tutors serve as Course Guides who work closely with faculty to offer specialized support to students in courses that require more specific content knowledge. Peer Tutors become Course Guides after taking a course, doing well in it, and being requested by a faculty member who teaches it.

The Learning Commons offers non-credit workshops on topics such as Excel or other software packages, a variety of aspects of academic writing, and general mathematical and statistical skills. Reference materials about academic writing and mathematics are available for use by students and faculty in the Learning Commons.

Peer Tutors are available for drop-in Sunday to Thursday evenings. The schedule is updated each month and posted on the Portal and around campus.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Learning Commons, please do not hesitate to contact the Directors:


All Quest faculty, known as Tutors, offer excellent interdisciplinary, seminar-style courses.


Our students come from 43 different countries with almost 50% from outside of Canada.


Quest's alumni are thriving in graduate and professional programs as well as pursuing jobs in a multitude of professions.