Steve Quane

Physical Sciences Tutor (Geology)


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BA, University of Colorado at Boulder
MSc, University of Hawaii
PhD, University of British Columbia

Steve has a passion for field and experiential education. An expert in volcanology, he has taught a wide range of courses in Hawaii, Mexico, BC, the American Southwest, and Yellowstone National Park. If he were a Quest student, his Question would be, “What forces shaped the earth’s surface?”

His research is focused on young landscapes sculpted by volcanic eruptions and the associated geologic hazards. One of his interest is to understand the timing of volcanic and glacial events that created Garibaldi Lake, a stunning and geologically unique local feature. He is also investigating the interaction between eruptive products of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa volcanoes in Hawaii.

Steve once worked as a science advisor for US Congressman (now Senator) Tom Udall of New Mexico. He has taught on the Block Plan for more than 12 years, starting as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Colorado College before joining Quest.

He will likely be one of the few locals seen running, biking, skiing or kayaking towards Mt. Garibaldi during its next eruption.

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