Molly Welsh

Life Sciences Tutor (Physiology)


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BA, University of Colorado at Boulder
MA, University of Colorado at Boulder
PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder

Spotlight on new hires: Molly Welsh

“I am energetic and passionate about teaching and mentorship because it brings me deep satisfaction to see students realize their capabilities. My courses will push students to become more confident in their ability to sift through information and to think of solutions that defy boundaries.”

Molly’s passion for physiology was kindled at a young age. She wanted to better understand conditions that threaten wellness and life, and realized the only way to do so was to study the Life Sciences. She worked as an exercise physiologist and served as a volunteer firefighter/EMT before completing her graduate degree in Integrative Physiology with a focus on skeletal muscle damage and repair (University of Colorado Boulder). In research, she explores how acute and chronic adaptations to exercise-based and nutritional interventions help mitigate stress, build cellular resilience, and promote wellness across the lifespan.

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