Meaghan MacNutt

Life Sciences Tutor (Physiology)


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BSc, Acadia University
MSc, University of British Columbia
PhD, University of British Columbia

Meaghan is an exercise physiologist who is fascinated by the remarkable ways that humans and other animals acclimatize to extreme environments.

As an undergraduate, Meaghan used SCUBA to study sea turtle biology in Barbados. During her Master’s, she examined the effects of warming river temperatures on swimming performance and energy use in migrating Pacific salmon.

Since then, she has primarily studied human physiology, working with individuals across the spectrum from clinical populations to elite endurance athletes. Her PhD explored the effects of repeated exposure to high altitude and included a challenging four-month research expedition to the
Nepalese Himalayas.

Meaghan loves teaching about human biology and empowering students with the tools to critically evaluate claims and controversies in the popular media about health, fitness and biotechnology. She is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for self-propelled exploration. In addition to her bicycles and a long list of food items, some of Meaghan’s favourite things include jigsaw puzzles, kitchen appliances, and sing-alongs.

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