Matthew Waterhouse

Life Sciences Teaching Fellow (Biology)


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BSc, University of Maine at Farmington
MSc, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
PhD, University of British Columbia Okanagan

Matt brings wide-ranging academic and field experiences with him from his career in conservation and field biology. He has extensive field experience in fisheries, carnivore reintroductions and monitoring, bird surveys, small mammal trapping and tracking, genetic surveys, and mycorrhizal assessment.

His research focuses on using genetic and genomic tools to better inform the conservation management and ecological understanding of natural populations. His most recent project uses next-generation sequencing to scan the American pika genome for climate adaptations. He hopes, by leveraging advanced genomic technologies, we can minimize the losses of biodiversity during this period of rapid environmental change.

Matt is a passionate conservation biologist who strongly believes that our students are the key to paving the way towards a more sustainable future. Matt joined at Quest as a visiting tutor in 2017 and is currently teaching fellow. He is always excited to share his knowledge about science, genomics, ecology, and fisheries with the broader community.

When not teaching, he enjoys mountain biking, reading, cooking and spending time with his dog.

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